On June 13th, 2006 brothers Torsten & Ulick Baumann will leave Brisbane, Australia embarking on a 25,000 kilometre (15,534 miles) journey right around Australia to raise money for the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation.

The goal is to circumnavigate the Australian mainland including our island state Tasmania by Vespa PX200 Scooters in around 90 days, documenting as much of the journey as possible.


Most journeys start with a trigger, something that inspires or drives one to go. For some it could be because they've been inspired by someone else's tales of adventure and accomplishment. It could also be as simple as wanting to see a particular, country, place or culture. For us it was a combination of factors, the first of which was a family member being diagnosed with Cancer.

For anyone who has been affected by Cancer, whether themselves or someone else they care about, the jumble of emotions one goes through when hearing this single word is enough to stop you in your tracks. Cancer is a disease of unknowns. You often can't tell of it's presence when found you won't know if the treatments will work. Even when detected and a course of action prescribed, seeing the effects of the treatment on one's you love can be just as painful as the thoughts of losing them. Each year technologies and developments are made through research to treat cancer. Some small, some great leaps forward. All of them however require funding which is where organisations such as the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation play a vital role. This is why we have chosen to support the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation (CCAF) with this project.

Coonabarabran on the road to Dubbo

The second factor which finalised our decision to do something to raise money for CCAF, was participating in the 2005 Australian National Scooter Rally (see pictures of the Rally at held in Dubbo, New South Wales. Once a year all the Scooter clubs from around Australia get together for 'The National', but Australia being as huge as it is, to meet anywhere from all the corners of Australia involves covering some huge distances. For us in the Canetoads Scooter Club, it involved travelling from Brisbane to Dubbo, a distance of 930 Kilometres (578 miles). Aside from being a fantastic event which I recommend wholeheartedly for anyone with an interest in scooters, it demonstrated to us what was possible with these little workhorses. It also fuelled us with a desire to keep going...


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All donations to the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation are direct.

No funds are held in trust.
As such, when donating, please ensure that you mention the Right Around Australia Project in the comments field.

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