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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 72 - Working in Roper Bar

We awake to a cool and foggy morning

Glen and Veronica have been an amazing support to the boys. Giving them accommodation and ensuring they are fed. I know that they are so appreciative of the helping hand they have been lent by all the staff there. Torsten and Ulick had offered their services to help out in any way, and today they were taken up on that offer. Stacking shelves in the store.
Fog off the edge of the airstrip behind the store

In the 'big wet' the airstrip is the only way to get supplies into the area

A view from the airstrip looking back at the store

Because the mobile coverage is basically non existent, the boys gave the phone number of the store as a contact number. The first time I rang this number I asked for the guy that had come off the bike, and Ulick was cooee'd to take the call. Well as best as an English back packer can cooee.
A mustering chopper from one of the local cattle stations picking up some supplies. Beats fighting for parking spaces at the supermarket...


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