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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day 75 - Less than 2 weeks to go...

The update I got today involved much technical jargon. I shall do my best to paint an accurate picture. They removed the existing damaged headstock. The brake fluid had to be drained and this is a bit tricky as it is corrosive. When they got to the throttle they were stumped. The bar/rod thingo was bent. Now this means they have to find another - perhaps a motorbike part will suffice? Or they have to see if someone can bent it back in shape.

The throttle bar hanging limply from the smashed headstock

Everything routes through the headstock, cables, electrics, hydraulic lines and it all had to be pulled out and threaded back through.

Ulick hard at it...

The headstock is a 'part' so it has a black protective coating of paint on it. The whole bike will look a bit shabby for a while until Ulick can fix up all the cosmetic damage and give her a new paint job. As long as she get's him home in one piece it will do.


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