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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Big Thankyou!

It's almost all over now, with just a few media spots to contend with before getting back to work. I'd like to take this opportunity to say a few words about some people that helped us out along the way.

Mum. What can we say... I guess the only thing fitting would be, "there's nothing quite like a mother's love."

for keeping all the followers up to date with diary entries when we started finding it difficult to manage ourselves. Thanks for the biscuits and muesli bars, the camp meals, the letters of support, the phone calls and your incredible and unconditional efforts toward this project. You have out done yourself.

Jim & Irene George at Aztec Coffee Co. for their financial contributions and ongoing support from the shop in Brisbane. Even down to the last day, their drive and genuine attention for the RAA project has been amazing.

Hermann (our dad) at Europtica for his financial support, the Mexx sunnies and prescription glasses, and the phone calls from Germany from day one till our arrival. A big thank you for flying out to greet us in Montville.

Clare from Europtica for getting tyres, shock absorbers and anything else we needed to us wherever we were. She's a gem.

Paul & Terry from Retroscooters in Brisbane for their work on the bikes before and after the trip. Thanks for getting those parts to us as well while we were out and about the country.

Paul Keis for helping us with our crazy rack construction needs

Paul Dennon from City Skoots in Adelaide for his help with the bikes.

Sam Furfaro at Scooter Centre in Bayswater Perth for his help with the bikes.

Frank at Vespa House in Melbourne for helping us with the flawwed PX mirror design issues

Glynn and Veronica of Planet Roper (the Roper Bar Store). Never have I been so amazed by genuine kind hearted people and concern for our well being. You will forever remain in our hearts and the highlight of this experience. We could never thank you enough.

SIP Scootershop in Germany for the parts we needed for the trip. Thanks guys, they really came in handy.

Everyone at Nomad Tanks. Without the extra 7.5L tanks plumbed in, things would have been a little harder. There are some mammoth distances between roadhouses around the country.

David & Michelle at Aussie Biker for giving us the discounts on the AirHawk seating. What a relief. The number of people asking us how our rear ends are after completing this trip is astounding, and to be able to say "fine", astounds them.

Nir at Active Planet in Sydney for the generous discount on our luggage needs. They performed flawlessley and kept all our camera gear dry and dust free

Brian & Steph McLennan (our Uncle & Aunt) for their financial support and for the use of your property on our last night before the big arrival. We cannot thank you enough.

Peter & Ken from Mocopan.

Amelia Chappelow & Robbie Buck from Triple J for their ongoing support for the project.

The Nine Network, Brisbane Extra.

The West Australian - John Innes For taking the time to do a story on us. Our thoughts are with you and your family for your daughter.

Jock for putting us up in Adelaide. It's a shame Germany lost later on.

Paul & Laura McIntosh in Melbourne for a putting up with us for those few days. We really loved Melbourne.

Ron & Anne Russel in Perth for accomodating us for a few days. Thanks again.

Bill Richmond in Darwin for taking us in for the week and showing us a good time on the town.

Brad & Sue at the Warren Way Caravan Park in Manjimup.

Pat and the guys at Manjimup Freight Forwarders for letting us store Torstens bike when the shock gave up and for helping us get it sorted

Richard the Barista from Cundletown. That coffee I promised you is on the way! :)

David Bryce from Outback Proven for the UHF. Luckily we never had to use it.

Byron and the rest at AMA Rider Training for doing their best to squeeze in some lessons in dirt riding before we left. Congrats on your Q-Ride certification

Tim Stouter for his generous contributions.

Alan Wasono
Emily Rogers
Gai & Jim Rogers
Pip McManus
Caitlin Dillon
Laura Williams
Mel Steeden
Brooke Falvey
Mark Hinchliffe
Berni, Pete, Ben, Matt V, Matt, Jane, Andy, Dr. John, James, Mark, Pablo and the rest of the Canetoads.
Paul, Derek, Alan and the rest of the Melbourne Scooter Connection.
The Adelaide Scooter Club.
The Paradise Lost Scooter Club in Perth.
Sam Laurie
Darren Power
Greg & Ed
Russ aka Katana Boy


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