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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day 87 - Zilzie to Gin Gin

Torsten's bike is performing slower than Ulick's bike at the moment, so Torsten is riding in front. A truck decided to overtake both Ulick and Torsten and cut in a little early. Torsten nearly got wiped out by the truck. A hairy moment.

Only a few days to go now. With over 70km/h winds in Brisbane City, let's hope we have a calm day next Monday.

The same beach as yesterday at sunrise


At 2:49 PM, sps996desmo said...

Hi Ulls and Torsten, Met the lads in Gin Gin, was great to chat too and hear about the trip (lucky fellows) I'll send the pic of you on the GS1150Adv when i get home, Cheers.


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