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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Day 89 - Arriving at Montville

After making sure our family were on the road we set off on the road to Montville.
Not wanting to arrive before they did we took our time and got off the Bruce Highway, to wind our way through the Mary River Valley. The road winds its way through some of South East Queenslands most beautiful countryside. Rolling green hills, and small dairy farms, all soon to be flooded to make yet another shallow dam in a cheap & easy attempt to provide Brisbane with more water. Anyone on two wheels, or anyone at all for that matter should take the time to ride through this amazing landscape before it's destroyed.

The view from behind the Mary River Valley

Other bikers enjoying an early morning ride through the rolling hills

So on we went up the very steep Obi Obi and made our way to Mapleton to make a quick call and find out where everybody is. From there our Uncle Mac and Dad met us and we rode to Montville meet a local MP (as today is a state Election day) who wanted to welcome us home.

After meeting the MP and casting our vote we made our way to where the rest of the family were waiting. SLowly snaking our way along the driveway, we climb the last crest to see a huge banner strung across our path saying WELCOME HOME TORSTEN AND ULICK!!! With legs shaking we broke through the banner and parked our bikes. We hadn't even got our helmets off and I could feel the tears welling up. Mum, Brooke, our aunt Steph, and little Edward all there to welcome us home.

Once we managed to get our gear off we cracked a cold beer and breathed a sigh of relief.


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